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an affiliation of The Amateur Astronomers Society of Voorhees named after the South East Asian slave who was taken aboard Magellan's fleet, and circumnavigated the earth, Est. 2012



Elective Affinities: A Library
205 Hudson Gallery

the Explorers Club of Enrique de Malacca's selection of titles begins with Sylvia Wynter's No Humans Involved: a letter she wrote to colleagues in 1992, in response to the Los Angeles riots. It ends with Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge's 2003 book of poems: Nest. There are seventeen titles in between.

Enrique de Malacca was a person of language; a slave and translator of Magellan's who understood the language of the people of Cebu (Subuth, in Antonio Pigaffeta's account). He's believed to be among the firsts to have circumnavigated the earth. The fleet went through Butuan, where I was born, and where the natives built and traded with ships known as Balanghais/balangays. The dig site of the most intact balangay boats is in Butuan, where the word developed into defining small townships and communities. Balangay became barangay. Boats were known not for war but for communities. The word for boat became the word for village.

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