not a dancing bear

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The madmad starts off all the days of speakers of Hiligaynon

it's is a word for the state past the fever or lucid dream

madmad is the spectrum between sleeping and waking

madmad takes place wherever you are kind of just waking up

One recent morning I was in a madmad state thinking of madmad itself because my grandmother was on her last breaths and it was my grandmother’s doing, the verbing of the noun. She did that...verbing nouns left and right: alcolize your cut before your band-aiding Ding. That's me, Ding. Are you still madmading Lola would ask me those mornings I stayed with her...These days the word occurs via text message if making early plans with my family: madmad ka pa? madmad pa ko. still madmading? We ask each other. I see a flash on my little screen. At some point it becomes a choice to stay in the madmad. My favorite untranslateable; a word we know belongs to only us. Feels a bit like rolling in mud, weighed down and up, the mud flood, Muddy Waters, bed gravity before eventual verticality, the daydreaming before the day, madmadness mirage, DJ Rupture’s Mudd up on WFMU.

one day he played Arthur Russell’s This Is How We Walk on the Moon. Each tiny tiny move is moving, is moving, is moving me up