emmy catedral

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Selected links to projects, events, performances

- Queens International: Volumes / web design by Ryan Kuo
- North Willows
- Pilipinx American Library
- Elegy for Sun Rock / a project for Around About

- reading: Brooklyn Wayfarers
- The Life of Art Books: Circulation, Distribution, Exchange
- conversation within Axis Mundo: Queer Networks in Chicano L.A.
- Arforum: Queens Museum Announces Artists Participating in its Upcoming Biennial
- Wendy's Subway Library-in-Residence
- Signal to Noise
- BOMB Magazine: on Ellie Ga's Square Octagon Circle (Siglio Press, 2018)
- Re: Framed. Curated by Nicole Kaack and Jane Cavalier

- NBC Asian America: Bi-Coastal Pop-Up Library Aims to Introduce Readers to Filipino-American Literature. By Stephanie Bai
- Open City: A Filipino Pop-Up Library in Queens. By Yasmin Adele Majeed
- Sundial, Spam Key at Printed Matter, Inc.
- Sundial, Spam Key. Published by Miniature Garden
- having made some paper polyhedra
- Elective Affinities
- Pilipinx American Library at Tongue Tide, Flux Factory.
- Sunday Painter at Laundromat Art Space. Curated by Alex Nunez
- Beverly Acha's LOVE FOR LOVE / HATE FOR HATE: A Glossary of Our Time

- Cold Open Verse. as Y2K (Emmy Catedral, Carlos Rigau, Jocelyn Spaar)
- Reading: The Moon Show. Curated by ray ferreira
- Segue Presents: Emmy Catedral and Constance DeJong. Curated by Rachel Valinsky and Cornelia Barber
- Reading: on the unfinished, at Unisex Salon
- a Remonstrance
- Interview: Fink & Theel
- Bacon Friday Performance Series No. 1. at Present Company
- Terra Nullius at Sadie Halie Projects
- Out to See. Curated by Sara Reisman
- Art F City
- Interview: Another Place
- Primetime
- Reading: a window has another spelling, at Underdonk
- Center for Book Arts
- SITE 95

- Solar System Walks
- Sadie Halie Projects
- Pirate Press
- Suppose An Eyes
- The Artist's Institute
an event, on Gertrude Stein, with Charles Bernstein, and Paolo Javier

- Kilos-Kilusan. with Hanalei Ramos, for Immigrant Movement International
- 2nd Ave Poetry
- Bronx River Art Center: Metro Poles. Uncurated by José Ruiz
a Remonstrance
- a Case of Conscience
- NYNYNY, Flux Factory. Curated by Jean Barberis, Melanie Cohn, and Chen Tamir.
- NYTimes Art in Review; No More Drama: The Saga Continues. Curated by Edwin Ramoran