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Opening JULY 2017
P A L / Pilipinx American Library
in Tongue Tide
Flux Factory

Long Island City Flux Factory is pleased to present its next 2017 Major Exhibition, Tongue Tide, opening Thursday, July 6 from 6-9PM. The exhibition will be on view through Sunday, July 30 with gallery hours on Saturdays & Sundays from 1-6PM, and by appointment.

Inspired by Flux Factory’s location in Queens, NY -- the most language-dense area in the world-- Tongue Tide explores the multitude of ways in which artists engage with language, addressing both its tide-like ebb and flow as well as its limitations.

Investigating the ways in which we experience, use and understand words, the projects will take many forms including: games, performances, photography, installation, neon sign, nomadic library, opera, karaoke booth, artists books, online dictionary, video installation, walks, conversations over meals, visual storytelling workshops and more.




JUNE 3-4 2017

P A L / Pilipinx American Library
at BABZ 2017

Saturday June 3
Wendy & Lisa Afterparty in the Knockdown's Ready Room
Tunes by Drift Raft and Luzviminda 7pm - late

Sunday June 4
P A L presents America is in The Heart: A non-linear medley performance/tribute to Carlos Bulosan’s seminal first novel. Completed in the 1940’s, America is in The Heart is the earliest U.S. published, English-language narrative of a Pilipinx American experience. It is written from the perspective of an immigrant itinerant laborer at a time of extreme xenophobia and violent racism during the Great Depression. Writers and artists responding to the novel are Lara Stapleton, Paolo Javier, Camille Hoffman, Kay Ulanday Barrett, Claro de los Reyes, PJ Gubatina Policarpio, Emmy Catedral.


APRIL - MAY 2017
Co-curator/Host (with Cornelia Barber)
Segue Foundation Reading Series
Saturdays 4:30 PM
Zinc Bar
follow on IG #seguereadingseries
FB: seguereadingseries


MARCH 2017

March 30
Sculpture/Props/Set for
Sophie Seita’s Les Bijoux Indiscrets, or Paper Tigers
La MaMa Galleria

March 22
Writer's Resist: Queens is continuing at Terraza 7
Wednesday, March 22 at 6 PM - 8 PM
[FB page]

Event is free. Donations will be collected to support Turning Point: Organizing Muslim Communities for Change, a QNS-based nonprofit offering free and confidential services for Muslim women and children in a culturally and religiously sensitive environment. Services include protection for survivors of domestic violence, child safety, immigration, poverty, and the aftermath of 9/11. You can check out their work at



Elective Affinities: A Library
205 Hudson Gallery

the Explorers Club of Enrique de Malacca made a selection of titles
It begins with Sylvia Wynter's No Humans Involved: a letter she wrote to colleagues in 1992, in response to the Los Angeles riots. It ends with Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge's 2003 book of poems: Nest. There are seventeen titles in between.

A report on the exhibition and some very good thoughts from curator Jocelyn Spaar
Closing April 9

February 16
CAA Conference
Panel: "Why Print?" [LINK]
10:30 am
East Ballroom, 3rd Floor
New York Hilton Midtown



Jan 28th - Feb 2017
Y2K (with Carlos Rigau & Jocelyn Spaar)
Sunday Painter
Curated by Alex Nunez
Laundromat Art Space
Miami, FL



December 17
Sculpture/Props/Set for
Sophie Seita’s Les Bijoux Indiscrets, or Paper Tigers
Issue Project Room
Brooklyn, NY



Y2K (Emmy Catedral, Carlos Rigau, Jocelyn Spaar) in Cold Open Verse
Knockdown, Center
September 8-18

Around About Project
Podcast: Purple [LINK]
Site-Specific: Elegy for Sun Rock [LINK]



August 4
Janis Poetry Series 6
Chinatown Soup
New York, NY


JULY 2016

July 29
7:30 PM
July Moon Show
at de-construkt [projekts]
41 Seabring St.

Emmy Catedral / Francheska Alcantara / KC Clements / Kiyan Williams / Mya Byrne
curated and hosted by Ray Ferreira
event page

Moon Show is a performance series aiming to create an anti-racist, queer, trans, intersectional, intergenerational, feminist space


JUNE 2016

Filipino-American Book Festival | June 18, 11 AM-7 PM
Diversity Plaza, Jackson Heights

with Mia Alvar. Gina Apostol / Hossannah Asuncion / Carol Cabrera / Emmy Catedral / Kate Gavino / Paolo Javier / Ninotchka Rosca / Bino Realuyo / Lara Stapleton / Alex Tarampi

curated by PJ Gubatina Policarpio
event page

a community-centered, multi-voiced, and intergenerational platform that celebrates the creation and presentation of Filipino/a narratives by writers, artists, and scholars across the diaspora


MAY 2016

Segue Foundation Reading Series at Zinc Bar
Saturday the 21st, starting 4:30 PM
with Sarada Rauch and Constance Dejong

Curated by Cornelia Barber & Rachel Valinsky | event page


APRIL 2016

APRIL The 3rd of Fools

2-6 PM at former salon Unisex Salon//soft opening of a space to watch, founded by Jonathan Elliott, Brian Hubble, Sean Ward, and Annie Wischmeyer//i'll be there with still-in-construction text on the unfinished, among others' unfinisheds like the site itself, and its site, even. hashtagnotthemetbreuershow


MARCH 2016

something beamed to Santa Monica, now a printed canvas of my photograph of a stack of postcards of a picture of my hand holding a device to map the stars.



MARCH 2016
Grand St. A tree.


SUNDAY March 13th, Daylight Savings Time
in conjunction with the closing of Carlos Rigau's Delusion through Details

6:00pm – 8:00pm

tunes by DRIFT/RAFT
on display will be Imagine Image: a work of multiples and design objects

Y2K is Carlos Rigau, Emmy Catedral, Jocelyn Spaar. Y2K in Daylight Savings Time. We have a thing for human timekeeping snafus. Join us in a backyard in Chinatown. In it is a concrete slab of a stage, out of which a tall Beckettian dead tree stands. Y2K for its failure, for its comedy, for Godot. But there won't be a non-apocalypse no, no there will be lime green flowers, emoji wrapping paper, sounds and texts and poems, some maybe in verses, Dominican dulce, and the last day for Carlos's video installation in the gallery. There are installed leaning bars, for video watching leaning.

Event Page



a custom melody that Grey Gersten made with me on Cortland Alley's mmuseumm 2 years ago. It's called Amateur Astronomy: Amateur Astronomy by not a dancing bear



Present Company
254 Johnson Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11206

IRVIN MORAZAN Performance Series No. 1
Friday October 30 | 7-10pm


“BACON FRIDAY is an homage to the most eccentric and natural performer that I’ve ever met. I once had the opportunity to work with a man named Marshall. He ate bacon all day, once a week, every week for over 50 years. It was his ritual. He had the likeness of a vampire and was ridiculed most of his life for this resemblance. Coincidentally, Marshall died of a heart attack during the East Village Halloween Parade wearing a Dracula costume. He was a true performer and this new series is a celebration of those who perform on the fringes, often unknown to the masses.” – Irvin Morazan



A series of gatherings of artists and writers to address, to read, to perform, to pay homage to the life and work of Robert Seydel, his alter ego Ruth Greisman, and her friends Joseph Cornell, Marcel Duchamp, et al.
Organized by Emmy Catedral with Nathaniel Otting in conjunction with Siglio and Ugly Duckling Presse. The exhibition Robert Seydel: The Eye in Matter, curated by Peter Gizzi, Lisa Pearson, and Richard Kraft, is now on view at Queens Museum til September 27th.

All events start at 3 p.m.

Open to the public and a donation is suggested for museum entry.

JULY 26: Art a Grammar, Grammar a House: A Gathering (or, Artist-Writers: A Weaving)

An afternoon of short performances & shorter lectures by “artist-writers” (as in a page from Seydel’s Knot-books) delivered from the place where Stein’s “Arthur: A Grammar” meets Seydel’s “Grammar a house / or window in a house.” Cecilia Vicuña, Maria Damon, Emmalea Russo, Anna Gurton-Wachter, Rachel Valinsky & Lanny Jordan Jackson presenting excerpts from a rare film on Arakawa + Gins, and Zanna Gilbert on Edgardo Antonio Vigo.

AUGUST 16: Plaid Duchamp Record in Magenta

A picture always wants to be something else —Robert Seydel
dream sacred plaid Duchamp record in magenta moleskin —Paolo Javier

A program of photographs, poetry and 8mm short films inspired by Joseph Cornell who figures large in the universe of Seydel’s Ruth. Flushing-based poet and filmmaker Stephanie Gray and former Queens Poet Laureate Paolo Javier will read and perform their collaborative film narration Eterniday which brings the two artists to Cornell's house on Utopia Parkway. Preceding Gray and Javier will be Harry Roseman, who captured Cornell and the details of his house in photographs taken when Roseman worked closely with the artist between 1969 til the year of his death in 1972.

SEPTEMBER 27: “Quail rise”: “R’s Queens” Reprised
My name & time: a Queens of the mind.
There’s an occult meaning in initials.

“Read in splendour” between these two lines from Robert Seydel‘s Book of Ruth. The eponymous Ruth Greisman writes: JC, MD, will never understand our distance from life—they’re pretenders in that. This restaging of a scene from last year’s Eterniday event has new players and brings back Ross Simonini and a mysterious delivery from Jane Carver in absentia. Proceeding from the “occult meaning in initials,” the afternoon includes Songs of S with readings by Stefani Barber, Sarah Wang, Simone Kearney and TK.


JULY 2015

A questionnaire on Fink & Theel. Introduction by Mallory Cain Breiner : "...a hound..."


JUNE 2015

A window has another spelling...

it has "f" all together, it lacks no more then and this is rain, this may even be something else...

a performance

Emmy Catedral, The Explorers Club of Enrique de Malacca
Sarada Rauch
Constance DeJong

Sunday, June 7th @ Underdonk to mark the closing of Right of Window: Sophie Grant & Jenna Westra
87 Richardson St.
4 PM


MAY 2015

Center For Book Arts

MAY 1, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Damali Abrams, Emmy Catedral, Heidi Lau, Eto Otitigbe, and Seldon Yuan will discuss work created during their year-long residencies, currently on view as part of the Featured Artist Project 2014 Workspace Artists-in-Residence.


APRIL 2015-JUNE 2015

Center For Book Arts

Organized by Alexander Campos, Executive Director & Curator, Center for Book Arts

Each year, as part of the Center’s Workspace Grant program, up to five New York-based emerging artists are offered space, time and support to explore the production and exhibition of artists’ books and related work in year-long residencies. The purpose of this program is to promote experimentation in making book art by artists representing a diversity of fields.

Damali Abrams, Emmy Catedral, Heidi Lau, Eto Otitigbe, Seldon Yuan

APRIL 17 - JUNE 27

MARCH 2014

Terra Nullius at

Drawing Show



Iceberg's Tongue

December 7, 2014–December 21, 2014
Reception: Saturday, December 6, 3pm-3am

National YoungArts Foundation Studio
2144 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL, 33137

ICEBERG'S TONGUE gathers artists who, in their work and practice, speak to nomadic existence. The artists in the exhibition approach provisionality, impermanence and movement from different perspectives, ranging from astronomical constellations, to transcultural mythology, to big data. The works, in painting, video, sculpture, and mixed media, chart myriad instances of transient objects, artifacts, and gestures.

The aesthetic of passage and circulation is matched by the sprawling, circuitous architecture of the NE 2nd Avenue studio building, itself a temporary camp for nomadic artists who travel to participate in the YoungArts residency program. In Iceberg’s Tongue, transient objects converge, momentarily “popping up” in a transient space, only to disassemble and disperse in a few weeks’ time.

Organized by James Weingrod and Baris Gokturk, the exhibition includes works by artists Emmy Catedral, Katherine Behar, Sarada Rauch, JD Fernandez, Claudia Pena Salinas, Caroline Burghardt, Baris Gokturk, and Becky Brown.

ICEBERG'S TONGUE will appear concurrently in the space with a second exhibition, "Sunk", organized by General Practice’s Carlos Rigau.



November 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23
11AM - 5PM

Out to See Curated by Sara Reisman

Out to See presents visual artists from across the city and the Seaport itself whose artworks are strategically installed to highlight the unique character of the neighborhood’s natural and architectural landscape. The placement of artwork activates under-utilized spaces like empty storefronts, construction fencing, and other surfaces of the built environment, promoting a more conscious experience of the neighborhood. Artworks featured in the exhibition reflect on the Seaport’s history as a place of both economic and cultural exchange, as a transport hub, its ecological vulnerabilities, and the fine line between art and commerce.

Located at Melville Gallery at 213 Water St., Cannon’s Walk and Front St. with more nearby locations. Pick up a map at Cannons Walk.



Sunday, October 12th 4-5:30 pm

As part of the program surrounding the exhibition Bringing The World Into The World, AASV was invited to host three 1.5 hour walking salons, each with a different guest guide to Chris Burden's 1983 work, Scale Model of the Solar System. Each tour accompanied by AASV's Emmy Catedral as navigator.

The final Solar System Walk will be guided by Dr. Emily L Rice, Astronomer and friends from Astronomy on Tap. Vol.3 will begin at the site of Pluto, and move towards the center, following the gravitational pull of our star, the Sun. More information and a map can be found here:

For additional information on the exhibition, directions, and to RSVP (free, but spots are limited) please email:


Wednesday, October 15th

Cinema Balash returns for a night of screenings and performances with Rotem Linial, Emmy Catedral, and guests. Cinema Balash is a nomadic screening series that has included film, video, live projection, sound and performance. Cinema Balash was founded by Rotem Linial in an abandoned storage room at 450 West 41st St in 2012.

205 Hudson, Ground Fl. Gallery
(entrance on Canal)

part of Another Place.



Opening September 17th, 6-8 pm


September 18–October 18, 2014

Ryan Lauderdale
Rodrigo Lobos Huber
Emmy Catedral
Ryan McNamara
Cybele Lyle
Denise Schatz
Jules de Balincourt
Carolyn Salas

Curated by Sophia Alexandrov, Lindsay Aveilhe and Samantha Best.

Organized by Hunter College Art Galleries Acting Director and Curator Sarah Watson and Assistant Curator Annie Wischmeyer.


Sunday, September 21st

As part of the program surrounding the exhibition Bringing The World Into The World, AASV was invited to host three 1.5 hour walking salons, each with a different guest guide to Chris Burden's 1983 work, Scale Model of the Solar System. Each tour accompanied by AASV's Emmy Catedral as navigator.

SOLAR SYSTEM WALK, Vol. 2 will take place 3:30-5:00 pm guided by curator and educator, PJ Gubatina Policarpio. This tour is departing from the Sun at Queen Museum's Panorama of The City of New York. For directions, more information and to RSVP (free, but spots are limited) please email:



August 16th, 4PM

135 Huntington Street (Carroll Gardens)
Brooklyn, part of The Donut District

screenings and performances by
Emmy Catedral
Nathan Carey

part of:

Don't Forget To Make A Left Turn At Alburquerque
Curated By Seung-Min Lee
beginning August 9th, 2014

Two nights of performances with a cart by Danyel Ferrari.


JUNE 2014 - OCTOBER 2014

As part of the program surrounding the exhibition Bringing The World Into The World, AASV was invited to host three 1.5 hour walking salons, each with a different guest guide to Chris Burden's 1983 work, Scale Model of the Solar System. Each tour accompanied by AASV's Emmy Catedral as navigator.

Vol. 1: The opening day tour on Saturday, June 14, 4:30-6:00 pm, is led by artist Nate Carey, with interplanetary music of the spheres by Jane Carver. Vol. 1 begins at the site of Pluto, and moves towards the center, following the gravitational pull of our star, the Sun.

Vol. 2: The second tour will take place on Sunday, September 21, 3:30-5:00 pm guided by curator and educator, PJ Gubatina Policarpio. This tour is departing from the Sun at Queen Museum's Panorama of The City of New York.

Vol. 3: The final tour is taking place Sunday, October 12, 4:00-5:30 pm, led Astronomer Dr. Emily L. Rice, and friends from Astronomy on Tap.

For directions, more information and to RSVP (free, but spots are limited) please email:


MAY 2014 - JUNE 2014
a particular kind of solitude:
inspired by the writings of Robert Walser

Artists Include:
William Anastasi, Robert Barry, Lisa Blas, Dove Bradshaw, Emmy Catedral, Greg Colson, Peter Downsbrough, Satoru Eguchi, Joy Episalla, David Fenn, Alec Finlay, Elana Herzog, Alison Knowles, Jeremy Millar, J Pasila, Michele Quan, Andrea Robbins and Max Becher, Michelle Rosenberg, Martin Roth, Ethan Ryman, Kazumi Sakurai, Carol Szymanski, Elizabeth Tubergen, Merrill Wagner, Carrie Yamaoka among others


MARCH 2014
Mar 15 2014, 12:00pm – 8:00pm

a day-long festival of poets, artists, musicians, performers, educators, and publishers, curated by Paolo Javier, this festival, named after a term coined by the great Joseph Cornell, will feature readings, panel discussions, musical performances, live film and video narrations, publishing and bookmaking workshops, and a poetry book fair.

3 pm, “Quail rise”: R’s Queens”

My name & time: a Queens of the mind.

There’s an occult meaning in initials.

To “read in splendour” between these two lines from Robert Seydel‘s BOOK OF RUTH (Siglio, 2011), in which the eponymous Ruth Greisman “writes”: JC, MD, will never understand our distance from life – they’re pretenders in that. “Writes” in quotes because RG, like the Queens she shared with Joseph Cornell (through whom she “met” Marcel Duchamp), is of the mind (tho Ruth was Real: Robert’s aunt and, in his words “the artist in the Book,” no quotes. For Quails rise, read R’s Queens. For Marcel Duchamp, Mina Pam Dick will read. For Joseph Cornell, Jane Carver will sound. For Robert Seydel, Ross Simonini will sing. For Formulas & Flowers, Farnoosh Fathi. Featuring a sub-sub library and one other very special guest. Organized by Emmy Catedral and H. Weaver.